If you read my blog, you know how long I have wanted to direct Camelot. This production means a great deal to me personally. In addition, we are dedicating this show to Maxine McCall and Kathryn Siphers, two women who have made the quest for excellence a hallmark of their lives. Therefore, we must also strive for excellence in order to pay appropriate tribute to them. Plus, since this is the first production of the Burke Theater Guild, it is imperative that we do a good job in order to establish a good reputation for the future.

Jonathan Berry and I will do everything we can to make this an outstanding production. Mr. Berry is putting together a full orchestra. Volunteers are working on beautiful scenery, costuming, and lighting. We have several other experienced theater people both advising us and helping us. We welcome more people to get involved and make this a real community activity.

It is my desire that working on and performing this show will be a joyful experience for everyone.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I promise to work with you in every way I can.

Phyllis Garrison, Director